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5 Weird Japanese Candy You Won't Find Anywhere Else

5 Weird Japanese Candy You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Let’s face it, Japan is weird. Here are 5 weird Japanese candy that you won’t find anywhere else.

1. Seaweed Candy

We’ve all seen seaweed, but have you ever seen seaweed candy? This seaweed candy comes from Okinawa and has a rough chewy texture to it, similar to jerky for comparison. Although it looks like a brick of seaweed, it’s made by stacking multiple layers of seaweed on top of each other, compressing them, and cutting them to size. It has a salty seaweed taste to it with a slight hint of sweetness. Overall, it’s not the weirdest candy Japan has to offer, but it’s definitely something you probably never knew existed.

Japanese Seaweed Candy Konbu Ame

2. Toilet Candy

Another weird Japanese candy is this do-it-yourself toilet candy. We don’t think we need to explain why this one’s weird. Who wants to eat candy out of a toilet bowl? Instead of explaining how it works, check out the video below.

3. Botan Rice Candy

Botan Rice Candy is a soft and chewy traditional Japanese candy. It has a slight lemon-orange flavor to it. In Japan, it’s called “Bontan Ame,” where the word bontan means pomelo. So why’s this candy weird? Because you can eat the wrapper! That’s right, the inner wrapper that covers this candy is simply rice paper, which dissolves in your mouth after eating it. If only the box was edible too…

Botan Rice Candy

4. Genghis Khan Caramels

Genghis Khan Caramels come from the most northern island of Japan, Hokkaido. So what’s weird about them anyway? Aside from the name, these caramels look like any other soft chewy caramel candy. What makes them unique is their flavor: smoked lamb. That’s right, these are meat-flavored caramels. Would you eat them?

Genghis Khan Caramels

5. Butt Pudding

We’re not sure what to say, this butt pudding is disturbingly mesmerizing at the same time. The theme of this butt pudding is from the Japanese anime series Crayon Shin-chan, where Shin-chan tends to moon people a lot. But the pudding doesn’t come in the shape of a butt, you have to make it yourself. You have to make your own butt. This phrase alone is weird. Thanks, Japan.

Shin Chan Japanese Butt Pudding

Did we miss any weird Japanese candy?

These are our top 5 choices for the weirdest Japanese candies around, but chances are we’ve missed a whole bunch! Japan is just too weird and we’re sure plenty of more candies are waiting to be discovered. If you’ve seen something we haven’t, let us know in the comments below.

Jiggly Butt Pudding

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