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Japan Yum September 2015

Inside Japan Yum: September 2015

Our September Japan Yum box included eight different snacks (nine snacks in total) that explored both the unique flavors of modern and traditional Japanese snacks.

Calbee Wheat Crackers

calbee wheat snack

Calbee’s wheat crackers are baked and give you a nice crisp texture when you bite into them with a hint of subtle savory flavor.

Dried Sardine Snack

izumiya dried sardines

Are you ready to handle Japan’s token fish snacks? We start you off this month with some dried sardine snacks.

Cheese Cake Kit Kat

kit kat cheese cake

Not a fan of sardines? Wash away the fishy taste in your mouth with some Kit Kats. This month’s Kit Kat flavor is cheese cake! Everyone loves cheese cake. On top of that, you can also bake them!

Coris Peach Gum

sonomana peach gum

Coris offers a packet of three gumballs with a sweet peach filling inside each one. But watch out, one of them isn’t like the rest! We’ll let you discover why yourself. >_<

Kaki No Tane

sanko kaki no tane

The first of the traditional Japanese snacks this month is kaki no tane. It’s a simple snack made from small crescent shaped senbei (rice crackers).

Marukyo Funwariyaki

Funwariyaki Dorayaki

Marukyo funwariyaki is similar to dorayaki in assembly (two pancakes with a filling), but is made with lighter cakes and a chunkier red bead paste filling.

Baked Rice Crackers

sanko fried rice snack

These bake rice crackers have a somewhat strange appearance. To use they look like dried chunks of meat. How about you? Anyway, they’re completely meatless and have a crunchy texture with a savory taste.

12 Grain Crispi Roll

crispi roll

The last snack in our box is an energy snack roll made from 12 different grains: brown rice, pearl barely, buckwheat, mung beans, speckled kidney bean, black soybean, oatmeal, pea, small red beans, black glutinous rice, corn, and husked lotus. It’s actually a Taiwanese snack that snuck into our supplies for the month (our supplier sent us the wrong snack… m(_ _;m) ). We hope you enjoy it regardless. (ノ^∇^)

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