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Japanese Kit Kats

10 American Snacks with Unique Japanese Flavors

Japan is notorious for their eccentric take on snacks. Today we explore 10 familiar American snacks and their bizarre (and delicious) Japanese flavors.

1. Doritos

Wasabi beef steak flavored Doritos.

japanese doritosImage by Chun Yip So

2. Cheetos

Fish egg and mayo Cheetos anyone?

3. Kit Kat

Sweet potato and green tea Kit Kats. These look delicious.

japanese kit katsImage by Krista

4. Oreo

Japanese Oreos come in a ton of different flavors that can only be found in Japan. Check out these chestnut flavor soft cookie Oreos.

5. KFC

In Japan, you can enjoy your beloved Ketucky Fried Chicken as potato chips!

kfc chipsImage by Kari Baron

6. Pepsi

Ice cucumber Pepsi sounds really refreshing on a hot summer day!

japanese pepsiImage by Tenaciousme

7. Häagen-Dazs

We’ve heard of adding fruits to your ice cream, but vegetables? Only in Japan.

#häagendazs #vege

A photo posted by Misako Hirose (@michakopanda) on

8. Mountain Dew

Ever wanted to eat Mountain Dew? Well now you can thanks to these Japanese Mountain Dew flavored puffs.

9. Ritz Bits

Have you ever had cream cheese with Ritz crackers? It’s delicious. Japan saves you the time of doing it yourself and sells them to you pre-made!

10. Pringles

Last but not least, we have Pringles. These are wasabi mayo flavored.

#wasabimayopringles #pringles #japan #japanesesnack #japanesepringles

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